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I’m so glad you have decided to visit my website.   My office is in Northborough, MA.

After many years of doing “talk therapy,”  I discovered the cutting edge field of Energy Psychology (EP.)  In addition to contributing to my personal growth, EP has transformed the style of my clinical practice and the results clients are seeing on a daily basis.  Energy psychology works on the premise that emotional and physical pain are a result of “un-expressed” energy of thoughts, emotions, attitudes and beliefs which are trapped in our body from previous experiences and our perceptions of them. Gentle and exquisite EP interventions bring quick, permanent relief to a multitude of issues, drawing upon Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and ancient wisdom of Chinese acupuncture.  For example, EFT is often referred to as “needleless acupuncture.

I have nearly 30 years of clinical experience as a Master’s level psychotherapist, and I offer a wide variety of energy psychology interventions designed to help you care for your mental and emotional health.  Some of the issues I can help you with are:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Crisis and trauma
  • Phobia
  • Relationship issues
  • Stress management
  • Anger management
  • Self –esteem and self-limiting beliefs
  • Prepare for Surgery Heal Faster

Are you ready for change in your life?   Have you felt anxious, overwhelmed or depressed?   Have you been haunted by memories of the past?   Are you angry or resentful?   Do you tell yourself that you should “just get over it?”  If you’re like most people, you have self-limiting beliefs which hold you back.  These perceptions and emotions create and restrict our reality,  blocking our personal growth. 

Of course, it can be helpful to talk with a good friend or someone you trust, but sometimes, that’s just not enough.   The reason the emotional (and sometimes, physical) pain stays with you is because energy is attached to your thoughts and emotions and this energy is still living in your body.   This energy holds you hostage until it is released, often creating illness or physical discomfort.   Energy psychology interventions are designed to release this trapped energy, setting you free to become the person you were meant to be ~ enjoying the blessings of a full life!

While I believe it is important to hold safe, compassionate space for you to tell your story, when you are ready, I will teach you how to move the trapped energy out of your body, mind and spirit.  Not only will you feel lighter and more free, but you’ll have tools you can use on your own as you continue on your personal journey!

If you resonate with the idea of being an active participant in your healing, or if you would like to learn more about my services, please feel free to contact me.   I look forward to meeting you!

Some insurance accepted.   Self-pay clients have the flexibility of scheduling Skype or phone sessions. 

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